St Joseph’s Open Pairs Bowling Competition 2024

As part of our community engagement initiative, we recently sponsored the annual St. Joseph’s Open Pairs bowling competition.

The competition is a highlight of the local sporting calendar, drawing teams from across the region for a weekend of friendly yet competitive bowling on the greens.

The finals day was particularly exciting, featuring an intense match between the teams of Lyndhurst’s own Anthony Sweeney & Harry Lister and James Armstrong & Simon Armstrong.

James Grimston and Ricky Cochrane from Kirkham were behind in the final but emerged victorious with a final score of 21-16.

A special mention goes to our own Mick Prescott, a Lyndhurst machinist, who played a key role in organising the competition through his involvement with the bowling club.

Mark Marriner, Managing Director at Lyndhurst, said “Local events like the St. Joseph’s Open Pairs are crucial for bringing the community together and we’re proud to support them.

We look forward to continuing our sponsorship of this annual event.