drum tipper

Take a look at our drum tipper, designed and manufactured in house, this particular one is destined to become part of a much larger facility for the nuclear industry but is suitable for many applications. It’s part of a family of tippers ranging in size from buckets and pails to industrial size drums and is suitable for a variety of industries. It can be manually, pneumatically or electronically actuated and can be intergrated into an existing system or we can design and manufacture a bespoke system to suit. The entire conveyor facilty this is part of went from intital enquiry through design, manufacture, testing to ready to be dismantled and rebuilt at its destination in only 26 weeks. This included all necessary quality requirements and lifetime quality records (LTQR) which are a stringent requirement of the destination. 31B3EF92-1B3E-4286-8D8F-2B851E7918A9