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Minefield breaching device

Allowing troops to rapidly advance through booby-trapped areas.


Faced with booby trapped fields, military personnel have to move quickly and safety through booby-trapped environments. The Python mine clearance device comprises an explosive filled hose-pipe and a rocket, when fired over a booby-trapped area and detonated, the device clears any explosives making the area safe.

We worked closely with BAE to build a system to fill the hose-pipe with explosives.

The Results

    • A device that rapidly fills 230ft hose-pipe
    • Mobile device that can be mounted on military vehicles
    • Robust and efficient for battlefield situations
    • Successfully deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan
    • One of a kind device
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The upgrades enhance a piece of kit with a strong history of success: it has already proved its worth while deployed on operations in Afghanistan, where it ensured safe passage for the British Army through IED [improvised explosive device] belts and heavily mined legacy minefields.

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