Your engineering project is not going to plan. Your supplier isn’t delivering what they said they would, when they would and costs are increasing.

You may have been left with a half-finished assembly or your supplier is dragging their heals fixing an ever growing list of problems.

We are a diverse team of designers and engineers with over 30 years of experience working on complex engineering projects.

Our Project Rescue service brings a fresh, impartial and expert eye to your engineering project. We identify what is going wrong and develop an extensive and detailed plan to get your project back on track.

Reasons why engineering projects fail

  • Missed Deadlines

    Over reliance on sub-contractors, supply chain problems and lack of expertise are common reasons why providers fail to meet deadlines.

  • Non-conforming Parts

    Designs which have not been properly reviewed, poorly selected processes and material choices are often responsible for parts which do not conform to the agreed specification.

  • Budget Over run

    Hidden costs and unexpected technical challenges are often responsible for ballooning costs.

  • Poor Understanding

    Suppliers often fail to ask the right questions and understand what it is that you actually need. This leads to a product which fails to meet your requirements.

  • Poor Design Decisions

    Unnecessarily tight tolerances, wasteful use of material and an imperfect understanding of the manufacturing process. Poorly designed models are difficult and unnecessarily costly to manufacture.

  • Lack of Transparency

    Reluctance to commit to timelines and share important information prevents you from gauging the true progress of your project. This lack of clarity stops you from making important decisions.


Why Lyndhurst?

We have a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled designers and engineers with a forensic eye for detail. We regularly design, manufacture and deploy complex engineering solutions for environments where things simply cannot go wrong. From design to manufacturing and inspection, every decision we make is led by industry best practices and a commitment to quality, ensuring the reliable and predictable delivery of each project. We use this experience and knowledge to identify the points of failure in your project and provide a viable roadmap to its successful delivery.

The Process

  1. Analyse

    We work closely with you to develop an understanding of your project and the problems you are encountering. Together, we tightly define your requirements and review the progress of your current project.

  2. Identify

    We identify where and why things are going wrong. Whether poor project management, inexperienced engineers or poor design decisions are responsible, we identify the bottlenecks.

  3. Plan

    With a list of tightly defined requirements and an understanding of your project’s progress – we produce a comprehensive and detailed project rescue plan.

    We’ll send this to you and give you the opportunity to ask us any follow up questions.

  4. Moving Forward

    You now have an accurate and detailed understanding of your project, impartially provided by a team of experienced designers and engineers. You know what’s working and where things are going wrong.

    You can now take decisive action to move your project forward. At this point, many customers invite us to take over their project.

What we will need from you

  • Your time: Experience shows us that the best results come from close collaboration. We will meet with you to gauge your project requirements and the problems with your current project.
  • Any project documentation that you have. This normally includes models, design and manufacturability reviews along with material studies.

What you will get

  • Insight and analysis from highly skilled designers and engineers with a forensic eye for detail.
  • A written document detailing the bottlenecks stalling your project and most importantly; a detailed and viable roadmap to get you back on track.
  • A follow up telephone or Zoom call where you and any stakeholders can raise further questions.

Frequently asked questions

This depends on complexity. We start most engagements with a meeting at your facility and can spend up to 2 weeks developing a plan. Whilst we can work to tight deadline, our main goal is to deliver a quality solution.

We charge a small minimum fee which is proportional to the size of the project. Please call us for more information.

Yes of course. Whilst it’s always useful to see and test a physical assembly, we use drawings, 3D models and information from you to gain enough information to develop a rescue plan.

Yes. We often take over projects where our customers are unhappy with their current provider. We will provide a quote and timeframe with your rescue plan which will detail our costs for finishing your project. We have an in-house design team and a well-equipped shop floor, allowing us to manufacture complex projects.