Lyndhurst welcomes new interns

Above is Dominic being shown the CNC centre by skilled cnc machinist Alex Allan Dominic Howorth and Mathew Brown, both from Blackburn currently study engineering based degrees at the University of Central Lancashire and Newcastle University respectively. The interns will work alongside the firm’s top engineers to gain valuable experience on major global projects with a particular focus on the dying art of ‘design for manufacture’. Following completion of their internships, the pair will have the opportunity to be considered for full-time roles at the firm where they will continue to grow and develop. Dominic Howorth, said: “I’m delighted to have been given this opportunity by Lyndhurst Precision Engineering, to be part of so many global projects is a privilege as is shadowing the dynamic and forward thinking engineers here.” Lyndhurst Precision Engineering specialises in customised engineering solutions, based on thorough research and development, including reverse engineering where necessary. The company has major blue-chip clients in numerous key sectors, such as nuclear, aerospace and defence, automotive, renewable energy, food and medical. Matthew Brown said: “I’m refining my skills every day working with Lyndhurst Precision Engineering, helping solve the problems met my global leaders across sectors. The team here have welcomed me warmly.” Mark Marriner, Managing Director, Lyndhurst Precision Engineering said: “We’re excited to be working with the dynamic engineers of the future, the interns are playing a key role in solving engineering problems for our blue-chip clients. I’m sure they will go on to have highly successful careers in engineering. “Long-term we hope to offer interns the opportunity to be considered for full time engineering roles, we firmly believe in the continued growth and development of ourselves and our staff.” Here’s skilled cnc machinist Alex Allan showing Dominic a CNC centre and looking at the CAD systems with one of our senior engineers. If you think you could be part of our team, get in touch now!