National Apprenticeship Week 2023

National Apprenticeship Week 2023 is an opportunity to showcase the positive impact of apprenticeships on individuals, businesses and the engineering sector as a whole.

At Lyndhurst, over 80% of our team members have completed or are currently completing an apprenticeship in engineering or business administration. This demonstrates just how important high-quality apprenticeship programs are for the sector.

In the post, we’ll learn more about Leon, Logan, Jack and Ben, who are currently participating in our apprenticeship programme.

Meet our current apprentices


Leon began his apprenticeship at Lyndhurst only 5 months ago, splitting his time between practical work on the shop floor and studying engineering at college.

He decided to work in the engineering sector because he liked the idea of making things and seeing them come to life through his own work.

Although he enjoys CNC programming and operation, he doesn’t know yet what aspect of engineering he wants to specialise in and is keen to learn skills from all of our shop-floor departments such as water jet cutting, fitting and fabrication.

For Leon, one of the most positive aspects of working at Lyndhurst is the autonomy he has to evaluate problems and come up with his own solutions, whilst always having the ability to call upon the expertise of our more seasoned team members when required. He says “I like the fact that you get given a task and have the breathing space to think for yourself and execute it. If you’re stuck though – there’s always the support there to get you through.”.


Logan has been with Lyndhurst since November 2020 and just like Leon, he splits his time between Lyndhurst and college.

For Logan, the best thing about working at Lyndhurst is the wide variety of projects he works on, along with the skills and specialisms he is able to learn.

He says: “Whereas with other companies you could be making the same thing every day – At Lyndhurst; no day is the same, there’s always a new project to work on and a new skill to learn”.

For Logan, the positives of working at Lyndhurst go well beyond the practical skills that he learns every day. He gains a lot from the support and guidance of our more experienced team members who are always ready to share their knowledge and expertise.


Ben started his apprenticeship in business administration just over two months ago. Although he does have to complete college work, he’s able to do this at Lyndhurst.

He provides key support to our admin, procurement and senior leadership team, ensuring the smooth running of our business operations.

Whether working on quotations for large scale projects or researching new suppliers for specialist materials, he enjoys the wide variety of things that he gets to work on and seeing this work make a meaningful contribution to the business.

What he likes most about Lyndhurst is the nurture and support that he receives from other members of our office team, which he says allows him to quickly learn the skills that will give him a distinctive edge as he progresses in his career.


Jack started his apprenticeship with Lyndhurst 18 months ago. As part of his apprenticeship programme, he splits his time between working on-site at Lyndhurst and at Training 2000.

Just like the other apprentices, Jack enjoys working at Lyndhurst because of the breadth of experience that he receives. He also says that he feels supported by the team in an environment where he can learn quickly and ask questions.

Another part of Lyndhurst that appeals to Jack is the social aspect, and the positive relationships that he’s formed with other members of the team.

As a business, we will continue to invest in apprentices as they are such an important part of our industry’s future.

Our Managing Director, Mark Marriner says: Our ambitious plans for the future rely heavily on the quality of talent that we have working for us here at Lyndhurst. This is why we continue to invest heavily in our apprenticeship program. It’s not only important for us, but for Great Britain as a whole, that we remain at the cutting edge of engineering and investing in apprenticeships ensures exactly that.

If you would like to apply for an engineering or business administration apprenticeship at Lyndhurst please get in touch with